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To be Responsible Company meeting Ethical, Social and Environmental Practices for Conducting Diamond business.
Shehul Zaveri


  • 100% Legal Compliance
  • 100% KP & WDC SoW compliance
  • Zero Accidents
  • Monitor & Reduce resource usage
  • Promote the RJC CoP with business partners
  • Reduce Pollution


  • Prevent Bribery at all levels
  • Support AML–CFT Laws
  • Prevent Trade in Conflict Diamonds
  • Conduct a Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Correct & Full disclosure of Diamonds
  • Respect Human Rights of Employees
  • Prevent Child Labour or Forced Labour
  • No discrimination on any grounds
  • Provide Healthy & Safe work place
  • Coercion Free Work Environment
  • Protect the environment

We at Soradiam have been members of Responsible Jewellery Council Since March 2010 and certified members from February 2012. We are currently being audited for the 4th Cycle. We recommend to all our Business Associates that please check the RJC Code of Practices 2019 on and see the benefits RJC Certification offers to everyone in the industry. We ave found good value in the certification.

We conduct a Human Rights Due Diligence of our location based risks and also of our Supply Chain risks. No Red Flags have been found in either of the Due Diligence. We plan to review the Due Diligence annually in case anything has changed, to ensure that our supply chain continues to remains responsible. Our Supply Chain Policy and Procedure is available on the website along with our Corporate Policy.

In case there is any concern you would like to report about our supply chain, please write to us on e-mail:

Supply Chain Policy & Procedure

Supply Chain
All the suppliers of incoming material in Gold and Diamond Supply chain
Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas
Due Diligence
Check and verify that the goods supplied by the supply are responsibly sourced
  1. This is the Policy and Procedure for Supply Chain Due Diligence
  2. The supply chain includes Rough & Polished Diamonds
  3. We shall have system and controls to ensure that our supply chain is transparent
  4. All employees shall be trained using R JC Modules and other documents
  5. We shall engage frequently with our suppliers to identify any Human Rights Red Flags
  6. An E-mail address for raising grievance / concern is available on website
  7. Any Grievance about our suppliers shall be investigated by the Management
  8. The Policy shall be annually reviewed and revised as necessary
  9. This policy will be shared with our suppliers through our website
Risk Assessment & Red Flags
  1. The supply chain shall be mapped and associated risks shall be managed
  2. Risks associated with all major suppliers shall be identified using RJC Toolkit
  3. Any suspected Human Rights violations shall be Red Flagged and further investigated
  4. Any confirmation of adverse Human Rights impacts shall result in stoppage of business
Risk Response
  1. Potential Risks identified during risk assessment shall be segregated as:
    • High Risk: Sourcing from CAHRA - Needing immediate action / investigation
    • Medium: Risks that do not need immediate action but need to be further investigated and then addressed based on the impact.
    • Low: Source from RJC CoP 2019 Certified Supplier – No immediate action required
  2. The response shall be in in line with the impact.
  3. Identified risks and remedies shall be reported on the website for public access.
Third Party Audit
We shall buy from certified suppliers as far as possible. Certification could be:
  • RJC CoP 2019 Certification or RJC 2013 with Provenance Claim
  • DMCC Responsible Supplier List
  • Any other acceptable certification
  1. We shall report any potential adverse impact / No Impact findings on the website
  2. We shall also ask our suppliers to conduct a due diligence of their supply chain
  3. In case a concern needs to be raised, follow the Grievance Handling Process
Grievance Handling Process
  1. Anyone can raise a grievance or concern in our supply chain.
  2. The grievance can be raised on: E-mail:, Telephone or Post
  3. The Grievances / Concerns shall be handled at the Top Management Level and the potential impact and action appropriate to the impact shall be effectively implemented.
  4. The action could also be to stop any further business with the business associate in case the impact is severe.
We assure all whistle blowers that all the communications will be held in strict confidence, their identity protected and there will be no retaliation of any kind.